KSA: Islamic and Arab organizations support Saudi Arabia

Ksa-UNSCSaudi Arabia’s decision not to occupy its seat at the UN Security Council has received support from Arab countries. Some countries and organizations joined Saudi Arabia in criticizing the Security Council and pressed for reforms to be taken. It is supposed to occupy the seat from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2015.
The Chief of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, said the Security Council has failed in its responsibility to secure international peace. He cited Palestine and Syria as examples of the council’s failure. Riyadh decided not to occupy its seat due to “double standards” of the Security Council but Al-Arabi thinks that the latter is doing nothing at all to uphold its responsibility.
Although the Arab Group at the United Nations is hoping that Riyadh will consider its role in the “Arab and Islamic at this important and historical stage, specifically for the Middle East region” and retract its statement in order to “continue their brave role in defending our issues” at the Security Council.
Saudi Arabia announced that it won’t be occupying its seat shortly after being elected on Thursday because the Security Council’s “work mechanisms and double standards…prevent it from carrying out its duties and assuming its responsibilities in keeping world peace”
Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) supports Saudi Arabia’s decision calling it the “very position that the OIC has been emphasizing upon in all resolutions of the Islamic summits and ministerial meetings.” He said the much needed Security Council’s reforms have “direct and vital interests” for OIC’s member states who should seek for a representation proportional to their “demographic and political weight.”
No country has ever failed to occupy its seat in the Security Council.

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