Oman: strengthening higher education system

sultan_qaboos_universityMany officials of the Ministry of Higher Education have been visiting a number of universities weather they are private or government institution in order to explore the problems that they are facing and try to find proper solutions for them.
Amongst those visits the most recent one occurred on Sunday when Dr. Rawiya bint Saud al-Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education visited the College of Applied Sciences (CAS) in Salalah.  During her visit she met with the Dean in order to discuss all of the major plans the institution has for the coming academic periods and the ability its graduates will have on performing well on the job market. The Minister believes that the proper preparation of students will allow having solid workers in the labor. She also said that the best way to achieve this purpose is to work collectively and scientifically by using methods that have proved to be efficient.
The Minister also visited Dhofar University that was founded in 2004 which is constituted of three universities which are College of Arts and Applied Sciences, College of Commerce and Business Administration and College of Engineering. After following carefully a presentation explaining the functioning of the university she met with the student council’s members in order to listen to their opinion about the way they are being taught as well as the activities that are proposed in the establishment.
Afterwards these students gave her their ideas on how things could be ameliorated in order to achieve the quality education they wish to have during their stay in this university. She then told them that their ideas and opinions will help the Ministry on setting ways to face the challenges that the country’s higher education system is facing.

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