Bennett’s approach to the Palestinian issue

On an interview with the Guardian, Naftali Bennett the leader of extreme rightwing nationalist and pro-settler Jewish Home which seems to be on the way of earning the title of the country’s second biggest party expressed his party’s opinion. Although he conceded that Netnyahu is most probably going to be the next Prime Minister after the elections, he hopes to get enough seats in the parliament to be able to act on a decisive manner on the crisis that he believes has lasted already too long.  In fact, the recent polls that have been made predict the Jewish Home party to have an important number of seats.  Once his party will have the power necessary he also wishes to act on the country’s economy by putting an end to the monopolization of big unions which will allow according to him a lower cost of life. Then he described his “more realistic” approach to the Israeli-Palestinian issue: instead of a two state solution, he proposed the incorporation of the West Bank area that contains most of Jewish settlements to Israel. For him the idea of a “Palestinian state within the tiny land of Israel” is something that is never going to see reality. That is why the Palestinian situation being “insoluble” he plans to spend the next four years resolving the issue in a way that is going to be favorable to Israel fearing that allowing the formation of a Palestinian state in the area between the Jordan river to the Mediterranean “would be a disaster for the next 200 years.”  He already knows that most of the World’s opinion will be against this plan but he is ready to face the criticism that he will have to face if the annexation is done.

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