Synergics-MENA, a specialized provider in the region

Synergics-MENA, a joint venture between Synergics Corporation and business groups in the United States and Saudi Arabia, has released a statement announcing that the host of corporate, public and private institutions which are part of its customers in the Middle East will now be served from a base in Bahrain; where it has launched its operation on Tuesday. Synergics-MENA provides an accelerated technology in commercialization, project development and execution services. It bears the pride of being the first specialized provider in the region.
The approach of Synergics is based on the utilization of Industry Opinion Leaders (IOLs) from everywhere on the globe and through different fields depending on the technology or project that its customers need to be successful. When it comes to its project development and execution services, it accompanies its customers through the necessary procedures and usual hardships into making their projects feasible. Its technology commercialization services looks for the best business options that can be effective in the shortest possible period in addition to the cheapest commercialization means while not forgetting to highlight the eventual business hurdles and opportunities.

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