Libya: Elections gaining momentum

After a bloody revolution, with elections fast approaching, Libyan authorities have barred all political authorities from contesting in the June elections if they are formed based on the principles that they consider unhealthy to the up keeping of the “national unity”.
All political parties founded on the basis of faith, tribe or ethnicity won’t be able to take part in the Libyan elections according to the new law passed on by the National Transitional Council.
The Muslim Brotherhoods’ political wing, the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Development Party doesn’t welcome the move and thinks that the law has to be well explained since Islam is the religion of the majority in Libya. They suggested that the law has to be reviewed or if not, they will protest against it.
Meanwhile, the Interim Prime Minister also expressed his grievances against the NTC. He lamented that they are slowing down his government and they wouldn’t accept any delay for the elections to be held on the 19th June. The interim government has come under criticism from the NTC of not integrating the militias into a functional army, which never existed since the ousting of Khadafi from power. It is also accused of corruption. However, oil production is almost back to normal level, public servants are being paid and those who suffered injuries during the revolution have been taken abroad for treatment.
Elections in June will be first of its kind after the end of Khadafi’s regime which lasted for more than four decades although tensions do still exist between faction armed rebel groups in the country.

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