Bahrain: Formula one and security concerns

Barely less the 24 hours to go before the Grand Prix starts, caught in the midst of anti-government protesters on their way back to the hotel after training sessions were four members of the Force India team. A petrol bomb landed near their car during this moment before they left safely after a couple of minutes. Official reports were quick to deny that they were targeted. Two of the victims have already left Bahrain for the United Kingdom at their own request. However, the Force India group still maintains its participation.
The Grand prix was cancelled last year due to anti-government protest in the Gulf state and security concerns are of great concerns this time around with practices scheduled to begin on Friday. The main event is to take place on Saturday. Bahrain and Formula One officials have voiced their reassurances that everything will go on as planned and all the teams are on the ground. Some foreign journalists have been denied visas and measures had also been taken to avoid the coverage of activities other than the Grand Prix.
Since its inauguration for Formula One races, the Bahrain International Circuit which hosts the Grand Prix is seen as a positive investment and has a great impact on the economy. This year’s Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain is expected to generate around 250 million BD and about 3000 jobs during the race as total economic impact. It is assumed that more than half a billion people will be following the race on their screens around the globe.

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