Ceasefire In Syria

Finally, a ceasefire came into effect on Thursday after a yearlong unrest to pave the way for a team of observers to be sent by the United Nations (UN) to Syria under the resolution 2042 to monitor the situation. There have been breaches concerning the ceasefire agreement from the government and anti-government demonstrators.
UN sees this moment as an opportunity to give way to humanitarian assistances and to finally find a route back to normal life where law and order dictates the daily activities of the state and of the citizens. However, certain media outlets challenge the ceasefire to be successful. They claim the government is willing to do anything it could to bring an end to the uprising because it has the support of Russia and China even though these two countries supported the UN resolution (which included Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan) drafted by the ss.
At least for once, the weapons have been silenced to give peace a chance. Over divided opinions (pro and cons Assad), the way forward won’t be an easy journey. The fact that both parties are pointing fingers at each other as the culprit shows that the job that awaits the UN observers isn’t an easy task. After all the international pressure and sanctions geared towards Assad’s government and his entourage, it is of high probability that he will be asked to step down for elections to be held without him in the interest of the nation.
As of now, Syria is for at least calm compared to the past twelve months whilst the UN delegation observes and monitors the respect of the ceasefire and withdrawal of military troops from civilian occupied areas.

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