The battle still continues in Yemen

Middle Eastern countries are either busy with revolutions or reconstruction and some are enjoying their oil. In Yemen, it’s the opposite. Soldiers are still busy fighting the Al–Qaeda militants in the southern hemisphere of the country since last year.
Air raids, ambushes, drone and rocket propelled grenades are the order of the day. It has intensified since the arrival of Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi as the president in February when Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down due to protests. Since then, it has become a game of hide and seek as both sides try to inflict heavy damages and as much casualties as possible whenever the opportunity arises.
Protests were what led to the resignation of president Saleh in one of the poorest Middle Eastern countries but militia insurgents have taken the forefront with the firm will of jealousy guarding it. Anyway, the government now seems determined to uproot them (with help of the U.S.A). The mission is yet to accomplished and won’t easily be too as they are well armed and stationed in mountainous areas.
Yemen has been under the radar for a while. It should be a preoccupation as far as the region is concerned before these terrorist groups develop to become well established and functional as they have done in Asia; more specifically in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.
It might be considered to be of little or no importance to deal with the matter today but as the saying goes, it is better to prevent than to cure for a stitch is time saves nine.

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