Riyadh To Arm Syrian Opposition Fighters?

Saudi Kingdom, world’s major oil producer and exporter, has decided to arm and help Syrian fighters stand up the brutal crackdown of the regime of president Bachar Al Assad, according to an Arab diplomat.
“Saudi military equipment is on its way to Jordan to arm the Syrian opposition fighters”, adds the diplomat on condition of anonymity, stressing that the move is meant to help stop the killing of civilians and massacres continuing in Syria for more than a year.
Riyadh and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council have already expelled Syrian ambassadors and pulled out their own in Damascus to protest the escalation of bloodshed in Syria.
Frustrated with the outcome of diplomatic efforts, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have expressed earlier readiness to help Syrian rebels, while Kuwaiti parliament passed a resolution calling on the government to provide weapons to the fighters and sever diplomatic relations with Damascus.
Several U.S. congressmen are also pressing the Obama administration to intervene and give Syrian rebels medical aid & weapons to enable them defend themselves.

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