Sahara: Morocco reiterates commitment to UN solution on basis of autonomy

Morocco reaffirmed its willingness to negotiate a UN solution to the Sahara conflict on the basis of the autonomy platform provided Algeria takes part in round tables as a party.

This came in a foreign ministry statement issued following talks Thursday in Rabat between Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and the newly appointed UN envoy to the Sahara Staffan de Mistura who is having his first visit to the region.

De Mistura’s visit is part of the implementation of Security Council resolution 2602 which called on all parties to the conflict to pursue the round table process in a spirit of realism and compromise with a view to achieving a realistic, feasible and lasting political solution.

Bourita recalled during the meeting that Morocco remains committed to finding a solution within the exclusive UN framework and on the basis of the autonomy plan while stressing the need for the participation of Algeria as a party to the round table process.

In a speech in November, king Mohammed VI said “Morocco is not negotiating over its Sahara. The Moroccanness of the Sahara never was – and never will be – on the negotiating table. Rather, we are negotiating in order to reach a peaceful solution to this artificial regional dispute.”

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