Jordan-based health platform Altibbi expands to Egypt

Amman-based digital health platform, Altibbi, has opened shop in Egypt with the launch of a hot-line accessible anywhere in the North African country, Arab News reports.
The company in a statement said service seeks to connect patients with certified doctors directly.
“By providing a simple hot-line service, accessible to all, Altibbi is enabling fast, easy and affordable access to healthcare services throughout the country,” said Jalil Allabadi, CEO of the company.
“It represents another important step in our efforts to deliver quality healthcare services for all in the region,” he added.
Altibbi is planning to provide 2 million consultations in Egypt by the end of the second quarter in 2022.
The company’s foray into Egypt came as result of collaboration with the Jordanian and Egyptian authorities through their respective national COVID-19 hot-lines, the Saudi media further notes.

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