Saudi Arabia turns to China to develop hydrogen projects

Saudi Arabia will initiate discussions with China for the development of the hydrogen as the Gulf country envisagesto reach net zero by 2060.
The cabinet, Arab New notes citing state-run news agency SPA, has delegated the Kingdom’s Energy minister to discuss and sign a potential Memorandum of Understanding in the field of hydrogen energy with China.
It is unclear when the discussion will begin but the move is line with the kingdom’s plans to reduce to reach net zero by 2060, without diminishing its position as the world’s leading oil producer.
Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, the facto leader, has pledged to $187 billion in climate action this decade, Arab News notes.
Saudi Arabia is joining the race of hydrogen development in the region for energy transition. Early this month, the UAE announced it aims to capture 25 percent of the global hydrogen fuel market by 2030.
The Arab country also indicated that it was implementing more than seven ambitious hydrogen projects, targeting main export markets including Japan, South Korea, Germany and India, in addition to other markets in Europe and East Asia.
Hydrogen is derived through water electrolysis, which uses electricity to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, according to experts.
Green hydrogen is also produced using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to drive the chemical reaction, without emitting carbon byproducts.

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