Saudi Arabia to grant citizenship to foreign nationals with specialized skills

King Salman has approved the country’s plans to grant citizenship to foreign nationals with specialized skills in a number of professions in line with vision 2030.
The areas where skillful nationals needed include the legal, medical, scientific, cultural, sport and technical fields.
The move, Arab News reports, comes in line with Vision 2030, which aims to create an attractive top-level business environment for professionals. The kingdom already back in 2019, announced that it was planning to open the door to naturalization for distinguished scientific, innovators and cultural professionals who meet the required criteria.
The plan aimed to allow experts and investors to establish deeper roots in the Kingdom, the Saudi media notes.
Saudi Arabia “aims to attract scientists, intellectuals and innovators from around the world to enable the Kingdom to become a diverse hub that the Arab world will be proud of,” Saudi Project, a government platform, said on Twitter at the time. The move to grant citizenship to foreign nationals is also related to the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy, driving development and social reform plans by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Arab News reports.

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