Libya: Fayez al Sarraj banned his team from any contact with elected executive as PM announced his government

Libya’s new interim Prime Minister, Abdelhamid Dbeiba, announced on Thursday March 4 that he had announced the names of the members of his government formation in Parliament. A special session is scheduled for March 8 in Sirte to approve the new executive.


But the obstacles that are hindering the path of this new authority are far from being dissipated. They are coming from all sides. Thus, on Wednesday, Fayez al Sarraj, the GNA Prime Minister at the end of his mandate, surprised everyone by forbidding contact with the elected executive to all his team.


It is in an official circular that Fayez al Sarraj banned, on Wednesday March 3, his team from any contact with the executive elected on February 5 by the Libyan Political Forum of Dialogue.

Since their appointment, the new head of the Presidential Council and his Prime Minister have spared no effort, increasing contacts with the various parties in Tripoli, Benghazi and southern Libya to accelerate the reunification process in preparation for the December 2021 elections.


It is a “declaration of war” announced an advisor to Abdelhamid Dbeiba. One wonders if Fayez Sarraj really “wants” the arrival of the new government, he exclaimed. This position of Fayez al Sarraj is all the more surprising since it comes after a face-to-face meeting with the new Prime Minister to discuss the modalities of a smooth transition.

According to the roadmap of the UN process that led to his appointment, A. Dbeiba has until March 19 to win the confidence of a deeply divided Parliament.

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