List of Winners of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Prize for Best Charity Performance Unveiled

The list of recipients of the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Prize for Best Charity Performance (2019-2020) has been unveiled by the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO).


The list includes associations and institutions from 11 Arab countries, including the Moroccan association “Parents and friends of children with mental disabilities”, awarded in the category of “medium institutions”.


The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Prize, which comprises three branches, namely large, medium and small institutions, was awarded to 23 out of 175 candidate associations representing different Arab countries.


Initiated by the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Foundation for Humanitarian Development, in partnership with the ARADO, this Prize aims to enhance the performance of charity institutions in the Arab world and promote best creative practices ensuring quality services to beneficiaries.


It also aims to pay tribute to the best institutions according to objective criteria, in addition to raising awareness about these institutions, and the importance of excellence in institutional performance.

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