Iran slams Europe, U.S for financing terrorism

Iran has taken aimed at the U.S and Europe for financing terrorist and providing protection for terrorists, as Teheran rounds up the leader of a US-based anti-government group.
Jamshid Sharmahd, described by Teheran as the ringleader of the Tondar terrorist organization has been arrested according to a statement issued on Saturday by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.
Tondar according to the Iranian authorities is responsible for sabotages and attacks in Iran including an April 2008 terror attack in Shiraz that killed 14 people and injured 215 others.
Based in California, Sharmahd was also reportedly responsible for anti-Iran media coverage.
Foreign Minister Javad Zarif following the arrest took Twitter to chastise the U.S and Europe over what he called hypocrisy.
“The west must cease financing and harboring [sic] terrorists. From their safe havens in US and Europe, they promote hatred, agitate & organize murder & mayhem, and shamelessly claim responsibility for the murder of innocent Iranian civilians,” he wrote on the social media.

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