Kuwait: Three officials arrested for causing millions of losses for civil aviation industry

Three Kuwaiti officials have been nabbed over allegations that they caused the loss of $25 million for the civil aviation industry.

The officials, whose identity has not been revealed, were arrested following a complaint by the Minister of State for Services Affairs, Mubarak Al-Haris, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) reports.

They have been charged with “job inaction” by a committee headed by the Fatwa and Legislative Department after the state civil aviation lost $25 million in judicial ruling and over suspicion that they failed to provide the Fatwa Administration with the documents of the case before the ruling was issued, MEMO notes.

It is unclear what the case is about, but Kuwait’s civil aviation industry is set to lose $1.6 billion as result of the impact of the coronavirus lockdown.

The Gulf country was the first in the region to close its air borders and airports as part of efforts to curb the rapid spread of the respiratory disease.

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