Japan donates Tunisia €4m to help fight covid-19 pandemic

Japan Tuesday offered Tunisia €4 million earmarked for the fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

The aid will also be used to bolster Tunisia’s heath sector through the identification of contagious diseases.

Tunisia has so far reported 1,087 cases including 982 recoveries and 49 deaths. The country has not recorded any new cases for seven consecutive days.

Japan’s donation follows that of France, €80 million, announced early this month. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD, last month loaned Tunisia €18.3 million.

The World Bank, IBRD’s parent company, early last month announced $35 million destined to support the health ministry in its fight against the novel covid-19 and finance the purchase of medical equipment.

In addition to the World Bank, the IMF has approved a $745m loan to Tunisia. The European Union on its part granted the North African country €250 million while Italy pledged €50 million.

Since the pandemic outbreak, China has sent to Tunisia three shipments of medical supplies.

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