Google honors female Egyptian lawyer Mufidah Abdul-Rahman

Mufidah Abdul-Rahman, one of Egypt’s first female lawyers, was honored in a Google doodle on Monday.

Google gives hints about her life and militantism, saying that she was a strong supporter of gender equality in Egypt. She regularly strove to improve women’s rights and was first female lawyer to take cases to the Court of Cassation in Egypt and present cases before a military court.


She graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Law and became the premiere female attorney in the country.

While practicing law, she co-founded the National Feminist Party, an organization that fights for universal suffrage in Egypt.

Abdul-Rahman was also recruited into the women’s rights group Bint Al-Nil (Daughter of the Nile).

Abdul-Rahman was born 106 years ago in Cairo in 1914, she died on Sept. 3, 2002 when she was 88.


Google Doodle has honored a number of Egyptian great figures, including actor Omar El-Sherif, Singer Umm Kalthoum, actress Faten Hammama and more. Google Doodle has also celebrated many Islamic and Arab scholars and poets.

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