Algeria: law bans military officers to run for office right after retirement

The Algerian cabinet has approved a draft bill imposing a five-year ban on military officers to run for public positions right after their retirement.

Army Chief of staff and Vice-minister of defense Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah presented the bill. The law will be submitted to the parliament for approval before it goes into effect.

Under the bill, all officers of the People’s National Army are banned from seeking public positions for a period of five years after they complete their career in the army.

“In this situation, the military element remains at the disposal of the People’s National Army for five years, during which he/she can be recalled at any time,” Salah argued before the cabinet meeting.

The retired officers can however vote and exercise their rights and freedoms warranted in the constitution.

The North African country has set December 12 as the new date of presidential election amid popular discontent over the presence of remnant of Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s regime. Tens of thousands of Algerians have been demonstrating since late February demanding a complete overhaul of the regime.

Accused of harboring presidential plans, Salah has rejected the charges and denied he has been trying to impose a candidate.

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