Gulf Crisis: Qataris declared persona non grata in Bahrain

Bahrain has suspended issuance of entry visas for Qataris and will bar citizens of the tiny Gulf country to enter the kingdom as the diplomatic crisis in the region drags on.

Bahraini authorities have decided to expel Qatari students in the kingdom though they possess valid visas, reports say. Authorities will also stop issuing visas for nationals of the tiny gas-rich country wishing to visit the kingdom.

“The decision was not taken because of Qatari nationals who share brotherly ties with Bahrainis, but as result of irresponsible acts of Qatari authorities that do not consider the rights of neighboring countries or the principles of international law,” the Bahraini interior ministry said, according to state-run News Agency (BNA).

The decision comes as Qatar’s isolation by its neighbors namely Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain plus Egypt entered into its 14th month.

The four countries in June last year severed ties with Doha that they accuse of supporting terrorism and getting too cozy with regional arch enemy Iran.

Qatar has dismissed any wrongdoing and accused the quartet of a smear campaign in a move to bring down the regime.

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