Palestine: Cairo set up conditions to supply Gaza with power

Egypt has sent a list of demands to Hamas, including the handover of 17 terrorists to Cairo, should the North African country supply electricity to the Strip facing shortage of power from Israel, reports say.

Hamas-ruled Gaza has seen Israel reducing its power supply to 125 megawatts, accounting for 30 per cent of Gaza demand, Times of Israel reports.

Power in the enclave is now only available three to four hours a day, complicating medical operations.

In April, the PA told Israel that it would only pay NIS 25 million ($11.1 million) of the NIS 40 million monthly bill, Times of Israel adds.

Egypt supplies power to Gaza but the cables have been malfunctioning.

Cairo according to media sources handed out a list of conditions to Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar during his nine-day trip to Cairo.

Cairo reportedly demanded that the movement surrenders 17 men accused of terrorism, stops weapon smuggling activities into restive Sinai and supply information on the movement of militants into Gaza via underground tunnels.

Egypt also agreed to ease passage at Rafah border and called on Hamas to beef up security at the entry point.

Cairo has accused Hamas of using tunnels to smuggle goods and weapons into Gaza and colliding with terrorists in the Sinai province. Egypt tightened its stance against the movement for its links with outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Reports say Israel is in talks with Cairo and the EU to sort out the electricity issue in Gaza.

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