Yemen: 45 Army Recruits Killed in Double Suicide Attacks

A double suicide bomb attack targeting army recruits killed at least 45 people and injured dozens. The recruits were enlisting for army service in Aden.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Military sources said the first blast came from a car parked near the recruits and it killed around 20 outside the Badr military base, Khormaksar district, in the southern part of the city where the enlistment was taking place. The second suicide bomber was on foot and detonated his explosive belt in the midst of the recruits killing at least 25 people. Local news website Aden al-Ghad showed pictures of soldiers picking up bloodied comrades in uniform from the ground and ambulances rushing the injured to the hospital.

Since the political tension began in Yemen in 2011, recruits have been targeted by suicide bombers in Sana’a and at other recruitment centers. Monday’s double suicide attack comes almost eight days after a deadly attack, claimed by the Islamic State, on the port city of Al Mukalla left more than 40 people dead. It is one of the highest casualties in a single attack since the beginning of the year.

The suicide attack on the recruits could raise safety issues as President Hadi is based in Khormaksar under heavy security. The country is entangled in a war against the Houthis and talks held in Kuwait between the warring parties have stalled. Fighting has been beneficial to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State because it enabled them to propagate their influence in Yemen although government and coalition forces have been forcing them out of Aden and Mukalla.

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