Palestine: Abbas, Kerry Discuss Tensions in West Bank and Jerusalem

US Secretary of Statemet the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jordan on Sunday to discuss the tensions in the West bank and Jerusalem that has led to the death of around 28 Israelis and 176 Palestinians since October 1.

Before meeting with Abbas, Kerry conferred with King Abdullah who called for the need to work towards a two-state solution.

US State Department Spokesman, John Kirby, said Kerry “continued to urge for calm and a decrease in violence, incitement and inflammatory rhetoric.”

The tensions characterized by stabbing, car-ramming and gunshots have not shown any signs of ending.

Israel accuses Palestinian leaders of inciting the youth to use violence while analysts believe Palestinians are desperate due to the lack of job and economic opportunities as the hope for an independent Palestinian state is fading away with many blaming the weak and divided leadership.

A statement released by the Jordanian palace after the meeting between Abdullah and Kerry outlined “the need for the international community and the United States first, to end the stalemate in the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis and to move towards a two-state solution.”

Spokesman Kirby said Kerry renewed to Abbas the White House’s commitment to “working with all parties” to reach a two-state solution while pointing out that Washington’s “policy on the illegitimacy of Israeli settlements” is still in place. Palestinian Authority Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said Abbas also spoke about developments regarding forming a unity government with Hamas and planned UN actions against Israel.

Talks between Israel and Palestine led by the US have been suspended since April 2014 but France is hoping to revive peace efforts and already warned that it would recognize Palestinian statehood if it fails.

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