Libya: HoR votes against UN-backed unity government

Libyan internationally recognised parliament based in Tobruk Monday rejected Prime Minister Serraj’s government but endorsed with reservation the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA.)

89 out of 104 present for the vote rejected the proposed cabinet which was announced last week. Reports say lawmakers rejected the cabinet because it is too large and urged Prime Minister Serra to trim it.

The rejection comes as the Presidency Council member Omar Al-Aswad this weekend accused the Council of favoritism in the naming of the ministers and that members of the council reversed an initial agreement to form a cabinet of 10 ministers.

This move by the HoR is a blow to the UN, EU and the US which gave their blessings to the cabinet and pledged their full support for Serraj and his team.

Besides, the HoR has given its preliminary endorsement to the LPA signed in Morocco but voiced some reservations. The HoR demanded that the clause vesting the Council with military and security powers be dropped.

Reacting to the rejection, the Head of UN Special Mission in Libya Martin Kobler urged the house and the Council to reach agreement so that they quickly provide Libya with a central administration.

Kobler said that he took note of the reservation of the HoR on article (8) but reminded all parties that any amendment to the LPA must be in line with the mechanism of the Libyan Political Agreement.

“We will continue consultations with all parties to find consensual solution to all outstanding issues,” he added.

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