Mauritania presents its investment opportunities to Gulf investors

The Mauritanian Government has embarked on a seduction operation of Gulf investors through presentation of investments opportunities in various sectors of Mauritanian economy.

A high level Mauritanian delegation, led by Minister of Economic Affairs and Development, Sid’Ahmed Ould Raiss, started on Monday meetings in Sharjah with potential investors in the sectors of agriculture, stock farming, fishing and industry.

At a meeting hosted by Abdoullah Sultan Awich, chairman of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and vice-chairman of the association of UAE’s Chamber of Commerces, the Mauritanian delegation presented to their hosts some investment opportunities as well as the legal business friendly environment established by the government to attract and protect foreign investment.

According to “Financial Afrik”, the ministry of live stock is expected to give a presentation on Mauritania’s potential to produce meat and milk as well as possibilities to start through these two niches dairy and meat industries which will meet the local and regional demands.

The ministry of agriculture will also present opportunities to develop agro-business industry, Mauritania being among top African countries with arable lands.

Mauritania created a duty-free zone at Nouadhibou which has commenced attracting foreign investors including Gulf investors.

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