Yemen: Iran backing Houthis, destroying country, Hadi

President Hadi told the 70th U.N General Assembly that the Houthi “criminal militia” being battled by the Saudi-led coalition is backed by Iran which wants to control Yemen.

The Houthi militia interrupted the democratic transition in the country and plunged it in a human tragedy, Hadi said likening the humanitarian crisis prevailing in Yemen to a “genocide.”

The U.N classified Yemen as one of its highest-level humanitarian crises stating that around 80% of the population needs help.

The coalition imposed a blockade on Yemen because of suspicions that Iran might send arms to the Houthi Movement. Independent monitors have blamed the blockade and air strikes for causing most deaths and destruction.

“We find ourselves mixed in this battle, this fight for the country and the legitimacy of the state to ensure that the country not fall into the hands of Iran, which would like to see the destruction of the country,” Hadi said.

Although Tehran has not formally reacted to the accusations, an Iranian official stated that “Iran has never interfered in any country’s internal matters and will never do it.”

Some parts of Yemen including the capital have been under the control of the Houthis for almost a year and Hadi said he was “troubled to see the degree of destruction left in the wake of these criminal militia” after some areas were liberated.

The Yemeni president called on donors to honor their pledges and on the international community to support the peaceful efforts to end the war saying that stability in Yemen will bring stability to the region.

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