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US Curtails Aid to Egypt Due to its Human Rights Record

The United States will withhold up to $290m of its financial support for Egypt, denying the North Africa country $96 million in aid and delaying $195 million in military funding. State Department officials confirmed the move, saying it translates Washington concerns over Egypt’s human rights record and President al-Sisi’s support for crackdown on NGOs. The […]

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Iran-Nuclear Deal: Tehran doubles down threats to resume uranium enrichment by 20 per cent

Iran, through the voice of its atomic chief, indicated Tuesday that it could increase in five days its uranium enrichment to 20 per cent; enough level to lead to creation of nuclear weapon if the US continues imposing sanctions on Tehran. “If there is a plan for a reaction and a challenge, we will definitely […]

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KSA: Wikileaks’s Assange accuses Al-Arabiya of ‘absurd fabrications’ over alleged secret deal with Qatar

The Australian whistle-blower and founder of Wikileaks has attacked Saudi-owned media al-Arabiya for what he called “absurd fabrications” after an article published by the media accused him of allegedly entering into agreement with Qatar to withhold the release of some sensitive information on Qatari officials for some “huge sums of money”. The article in question […]

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KSA: 14-year old boy arrested for dancing at traffic light

Police detained Tuesday a teenage boy who came under the spotlight after a video posted on social media showed him dancing on 1990s hit at a traffic light in the coastal city of Jeddah. Unnamed, the boy is accused of “improper public behavior” and “disturbance of traffic”. A 45-second video in which the boy donning […]

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KSA: Privatisation of country’s airports underway

Saudi Arabia is set to privatize airports and the country’s Public Investment Fund has been chosen to look after the aerial outlets, reports say. “The process of establishing companies will continue for all airports, and the civil aviation holding company in the future will be 100 percent owned by the Public Investment Fund,” Mohammed al-Shetwey, […]

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Lebanon: Hezbollah raps ISIS for waging fake jihad in Spain

The Shia Hezbollah movement Monday criticized the Islamic State group (ISIS) over its last week twin attacks in Catalonia, in which 15 civilians were killed, saying that attacks ‘tarnish the image of jihad’. The movement, according to its ally media al-Manar, said the attacks were a “crime” and part of a “satanic scheme”. “This [IS] […]

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Gulf Crisis: Saudi-led bloc loses ally Senegal in boycott of Qatar

Senegal has seemingly walked out of the Saudi-led bloc boycotting Qatar as the West African country sent back its ambassador to Doha. The Senegalese ambassador was recalled for consultation on June 6, following the eruption of the Gulf crisis between Qatar and its neighbors, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, plus Egypt. “Senegal […]

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Palestine: Hamas downplays Salafis’s attempt to harm renewed relations with Egypt

Gaza-ruler Hamas has minimized its Gaza-based opponent’s attempt to endanger the new relationship with Cairo after the Salafi group warned Hamas not to prevent its fighters from traveling to Sinai to fight Egyptian security forces. The warning came in a written statement by a group calling itself the Jihadi Salafists after a Salafist jihadist blew […]

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Gulf Crisis: UAE working out to impose dictatorship in Arab World, Qatar envoy to Ankara

Qatar ambassador to Ankara has blamed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for backing establishment of dictatorship and opposing revolutions in the Arab world. Salem Al-Shafi accused the UAE of standing in the way of the revolution in Egypt as it succeeded into ousting democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, replacing him by authoritarian ruler Abdel Fatah […]

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Gulf Crisis: KSA accuses Doha of denying landing for Saudi Airlines to carry pilgrims

Saudi Arabia Airlines boss Sunday claimed that Qatar refused to allow Saudi aircrafts to land at Doha international airport to convey Qataris wishing to perform this year’s Hajj to Saudi Arabia as requested by King Salman. Saleh al-Jasser, the general director of the airline indicated that the first flight has not been able to take […]

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