Palestinian Gvt Meets for 1st Time in Gaza

The Palestinian government led by Mr. Rami Hamdallah meets this Thursday for the first time in Gaza strip in a symbolic move confirming the Palestinian authority over the war-battered coastal enclave.

cabinet-palestineThe historic cabinet meeting takes place three days before the international donors conference on Gaza reconstruction scheduled in Cairo following the recent armed and bloody conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic militant group of Hamas.

During his conference, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will seek $4 billion for the rebuilding of Gaza basic infrastructures, destroyed by Israel during latest war against Hamas fighters.

By meeting in Gaza strip for the first time, the Palestinian government wants to reassure international donors that it can lead reconstruction efforts and that funds pledged for Gaza will not reach its rival Islamic movement which the West sees as a terror group.

However, some observers remain sceptical and wonder how much authority the government has on the ground in Gaza. The Islamic militant Hamas, which seized the isolated enclave from Abbas in 2007, has said it will step aside, but has refused to disarm its forces.

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