Qatar: False Allegations About Investments

dream-football-leagueFor the past few weeks speculations are being made about Qatar’s investment in different sectors most of which have turned out to be untrue.
Qatar was said to be making a bid for Arsenal although this was immediately denied by main shareholder who stated that their club was “not for sale” and that no discussion was initiated between the two parties.
Then a week later news got out that Qatar was about to invest a £10bn infrastructure fund in the UK allegations that were firmly denied by the Emirate who usually doesn’t give these kind of statements  to journalists but he concluded that such a sum has however been budgeted to be invested in this country.
Right after that reports were made about the creation of a “Dream Football League” that is to challenge the actual European champion teams. This rumor was said to be false on Sunday’s Times paper that said to have been “duped”.
Finally Qatar was suggested during the weekend to have bid £8bn to own the British retailer Marks & Spenser. On Monday advisers to Qatar made a public statement saying that their country has no intention of acquiring shares in M&S. It is true that the country is investing heavily in different sectors all around the world in a desire to diversify its wealth acquired by oil sells and amongst the rumors of a new Qatar investment some of them turned out to be true.
But the fact that the advisers or representatives of the country are frequently talking to the media to correct wrong speculation is a new thing that is puzzling many. Some are trying to explain this uncharacteristic denial by the fact that Qatar is trying to prepare the way for an important acquisition.

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