Bahrain: ‘’Reform shelved, Repression Unleashed”

The anti-government uprising which happened last year was responsible for many losses. It is estimated that over 60 people were killed including many police officers. Even though the uprising was crushed by the government, promises were made to make significant reforms.
However International condemnation is being made to the country through a study entitled “Bahrain: Reform shelved, Repression Unleashed” by Amnesty International. What has particularly drawn this negative attention to the country is a court sentence on 23 medics that showed the deterioration of human rights situation.
The Bahrain medics’ case goes all the way back to February 2011, when the uprising was at its peak. These medics that provide health services at the Salmaniya Medical Centre in Manama decided to treat all the people that were hurt by the security forces during the violent demonstrations. Afterwards, ambulances were fired at and some of the medics were threatened for treating anti-governmental wounded protestors. Following which some of them spoke what was on their mind on foreign Medias explaining how they felt the injustice in the system while others joined protestors. Once state of emergency was declared by the King, more than 95 health workers were detained and were accused of attempting to bring down the government. In September 2011, 20 of them were sentenced up to 15 years of imprisonment by the National Safety Court. In June 2012, 9 medics saw their sentence reduced after an appeal and 9 others were acquitted.
The remaining 23 medics finally were sentenced to three months of imprisonment or to pay a fine of 200 dinars ($330) according to Prosecutor Abdulrahman al-Sayyed. According to Human rights group this judgment came after months of harassment and torture for many of the defendants.

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