The drone implications within Lebanon

Hezbollah’s move to fly a drone which was built by Iran but assembled in Lebanon into Israel’s airspace has received negative reactions from opposition groups known as the March 14 coalition. Tensions have been vibrant between the two fractions in Lebanon over domestic and international issues but the recent drone flight has made them accuse Hezbollah of dragging the state to war with Israel.
The drone flew over sensitive areas such as the Jewish state’s gas and oil facilities and atomic reactor plant in Dimona and former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora believes that “it was an Iranian decision” carried out by Hezbollah which will end up implicating Lebanon and result in unforeseeable consequences before applauding the drone flight as “a military and technical achievement.” He believes that the Lebanese government should have at least been informed before the flight.
Former Prime Minister Hariri termed it as an “uncalculated adventure” and warned that the country is not an “unmanned drone” and urged his countrymen to stand against such actions which endanger Lebanon’s national interests. He described Hezbollah as an obstacle to political life in the country.
Iran said that Hezbollah will react if Israel attacks its nuclear plant. It claimed that the drone flight by Hezbollah was a sign of the Iran’s military capabilities. Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted saying “Iran has great capabilities and our capabilities are at the service of the Islamic nation” before adding that “the Zionist regime…was defeated in this respect and it can no longer bully Islamic nations.”
Israel flew some of its airplanes into Lebanese airspace after the drone flight.
Hezbollah last fought Israel in 2006 during a 34-day war in which 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers, lost their lives.

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