KSA: Prince Salman Succeeds His Late Brother Nayef As Crown Prince

Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz has been named crown prince and heir apparent, succeeding his hard-line brother prince Nayef who died in a hospital in Geneva at the age of 78.
The late prince Nayef was interior minister since 1975 and deputy prime minister. He spearheaded the Saudi Kingdom’s war on al-Qaida after terrorist attacks of 9/11.
The new crown prince, 76, who was governor of Riyadh for nearly 50, keeps the defense portfolio and becomes also deputy prime minister. He is best known for his pragmatism and seen as more liberal than his late brother. Prince Salman is an advocate of a moderate oil pricing policy and cautious domestic reforms.
Salman’s younger brother, prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, appointed new interior minister after serving for decades as deputy interior minister.
These nominations and natural promotions are taking place in the Al Saoud dynasty as the Saudi Kingdom, the world major oil producer and exporter is facing domestic socioeconomic & political challenges and regional security threats.

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