UAE: $20m in Turkey’s Orion Group

A newly launched fund known as the Gulf Credit Partners which is the credit and mezzanine fund of Gulf Capital has just accomplished its second investment project in Turkey in its short existence. In its released statement, a $20 million investment in Orion Group was described as a significant milestone towards the development of the credit markets within the region although the opening for young entrepreneurs is lacking.
Orion Group is a household name in facility management services solutions specialised in cleaning, catering, security and laundry services to leading corporate customers in medical, transportation, hospitality, and retail. It also has the potentials to respect contracts of long durations with large scale customers and projects.
Walid Cherif, co-head, Gulf Credit Partners said that their decision was backed by their “strategy of identifying and investing in medium-sized businesses with capable management teams and strong growth prospects.” Daruma Corporate Finance was the adviser for the deal.

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