Lebanon / Israel: Works get underway amid airspace violations

Preparatory works have begun for the wall to be built between the state of Israel and Lebanon which will be coordinated by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
The wall will be built on the border between the two countries. They have their military posts just meters away from each other along the border. To ease border issues, the military officials from both sides often meet in the presence of UNIFIL, to discuss border issues and ease the tension.
Israel will be building the wall which is believed to be 8 meters high and 2 kilometers long along the border. The length of the border between the two countries is 79 kilometers long. Israel sees the construction as a security measure due to new storey buildings in the Lebanese village of Kifar Kala close to the border town of Metalla in Israel. The declaration of building the wall was first made by Israel in January this year to prevent sniper attacks from the Lebanese territory.
The Portuguese peacekeepers stationed at the border to assure the continuity of peace between the two neighbors started installing a 2 meter high orange trap on the pavement along the fence on the Lebanese side of the border. A similar wall is also being built by the Israelis on their territory.
However, Lebanon has been voicing the recent violations of its airspace by the Israeli air force on several occasions in its southern border with manned and unmanned aircrafts. The Lebanese military gave details of the areas visited by the aircrafts before they returned back to Israel. Israel has not commented on the issue.

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