Palestine Invites Israel

The head of the Palestine Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has shown interest to his Israeli counterpart for peace talks to resume in a letter. Prime Minister Netanyahu is also determined for the talks to take place. On the agenda, the traditional topics still remain as negotiations haven’t always been fruitful.
It has been two years since talks were last held when the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad walked out of the meeting. The invitation comes at a time when Palestinians observe Prisoners Day, an annual event, marred by demonstrations in Gaza and hunger strikes of the Palestinian in Israel’s prisons.
Much can’t be expected in these proposed talks for now as Israel won’t go back to its 1967 borders, if past events are anything to go by. Construction can freezed for the talks to begin and the green light can be given at anytime Israel wants to setback the negotiations. Palestine refers to these constructions as neo-colonialism. Both sides have always been open for talks but never agree. Talks after talks, they agree to disagree. Israel has grown in size whilst the greater part of the negotiations is centered on the territory occupation issue.
The whole world wishes that the Palestine – Israel issue could be history of the past, for it has been dragging on for ages now but the world hasn’t done enough to bring it to an end. Arab nations show little interest after the six-day war which humbled them. U.S. has limited influence on Israel as it was showcased when it was asked to freeze constructions on occupied territories in 2010. The Jewish state remains defiant against all odds and shows little or no sign of receding.

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