Israeli fans can travel to Qatar for FIFA World Cup – Israeli officials

Qatar has allowed Israeli football fans to enter the country for the FIFA World Cup following negotiations between the three parties as both countries have no diplomatic ties, Reuters reports citing Israeli officials.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, Defense Minister, Benny Gantz and Sports Minister, Chili Tropper announced the deal in a statement.

“Love of football and sport connects people and states, and the World Cup in November opens a new door for us to warm ties,” the statement quoted Lapid as saying.

Israel did not qualify for the tournament starting in November and ending on Dec. 18.

Qatar and FIFA have said all nationalities are allowed to travel to the Gulf country for the championship provided that they apply for the Hayya card, a fan identification, which doubles as their entry visa to the oil-rich country.

Qatar is an iconic supporter of the Palestinian cause. Doha has made the establishment of the Palestinian state the condition to thaw ties with Israel.

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