Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency launches social assistance campaign for Maqdissis

Bayt Mal Al-Quds Acharif Agency has launched the Ramadan social assistance campaign for the benefit of the inhabitants of the holy city.

During this campaign, which required an envelope of 80,000 dollars, food rations sufficient for the whole holy month were distributed to 400 underprivileged families of Al Quds and 100 other families of orphans sponsored by the agency.

The Agency also announced a special program for the benefit of more than 200 people with specific needs, within the framework of a charity “iftar” which will be organized next week and during which aid will be distributed to members of this category.

On the other hand, the Agency supported the program “Fanous Ramadan” (Ramadan lantern), developed each year by the Association “Burj Alluqluq”.

The festive parade that started from the walls of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and went through the streets of the old city was crowned by the lighting of the lantern in the spaces of the association near “Bab Assahira” and “Bab Alasbat”, in the presence of a large public from all the districts of Al Quds.

The Agency’s programs and projects coordinator in Al-Quds, Ismail Al-Ramli, said in a speech at the opening of the program of this celebration that “we, as Maqdissis and Moroccans, come to support you and support the great activities and services you provide in this vast space for the benefit of the residents of the old city of Al-Quds”.

He added that the large crowd that gathered in this space is a “celebration of the revival of traditional societal culture and an embodiment of what our work should be to preserve the civilizational imprint of the city of Al-Quds. “, specifying that this is the objective expected by the Bayt Mal Al Quds Acharif Agency, which is affiliated to the Al Quds Committee and chaired by King Mohammed VI.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Burj Alluqluq” Association, Nasser Gaith, hailed the role of the Agency, under the personal supervision of King Mohammed VI, and its permanent presence among the population and institutions of Al Quds.

He also pointed out that the crowds who attended this great celebration to light the “Lantern of Ramadan” reflects the determination of the people of Al Quds to protect their origins and their identity.

At the end of March, the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Acharif Agency announced support for cultural activities for the benefit of the most important cultural centers in the city, with particular support for community activities, as part of its social program for the holy month of Ramadan 1443, at an overall cost of over $150,000.

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