Morocco’s King: Moroccanness of Sahara is NOT Negotiable

King Mohammed VI has affirmed that the Moroccanness of the Sahara “never was – and never will be – on the negotiating table”, stressing that the North African Kingdom is “negotiating in order to reach a peaceful solution to this artificial regional dispute”.

In his speech made Saturday on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of Green March, the Monarch renewed Morocco’s attachment “to a political settlement, under the aegis of the United Nations”.

He also reiterated the Kingdom’s commitment to a peaceful solution, adherence to the ceasefire and determination to continue coordination and cooperation with the MINURSO within the frame of its specified mandate.

King Mohammed VI assured UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and his Personal Envoy of his full support for the efforts the UN Chief is making to reactivate the political process as soon as possible, stressing the need to abide by the frame of reference mentioned in the Security Council resolutions since 2007 and applied in the meetings held in Geneva under UN auspices.

The Monarch hailed the American recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its Sahara, saying this is a natural consequence of the continuous support provided by previous US Administrations and an illustration of the United States’ constructive role in the settlement of this issue.

After underlining the irreversible character of the political process for the achievement of a final solution, based on the autonomy initiative, within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty, the King said the opening of consulates in the cities of Laayoun and Dakhla by more than 24 countries, particularly from the Arab world and Africa, confirms the broad support for Morocco’s position.


“We believe we have every right, today, to expect bolder and clearer stances on the part of our partners regarding the territorial integrity of our country”, said the Moroccan Sovereign, making reference to European partners to follow suit of the American supportive stand.

“Such positions would not only contribute to bolstering the political course of action, but they would also support the efforts made to achieve a final, feasible solution”, explained the Monarch.

The Moroccan Saharan territories are enjoying a comprehensive development, including infrastructure as well as economic and social projects, said the King, noting that the Saharan regions have become an open space for development and for national and foreign investment.

He thanked the countries and groupings with which Morocco has agreements or partnerships, and which recognize the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara, warning those with ambiguous or ambivalent attitudes, that Morocco will not have any economic or commercial transaction with them in which the Moroccan Sahara is not included.

The Monarch also praised the international support for the intervention of the Royal armed Forces for securing the freedom of movement of persons and goods at the Guerguerat crossing between Morocco and our sister nation, Mauritania, on 13 November 2020.

That peaceful action put an end to serious provocations and aggressions to which Morocco had drawn the attention of the international community, underscoring the risks those acts posed to security and stability in the region, said the King.

He also affirmed that the councils in the Saharan provinces and regions, which were elected in a free, democratic and responsible manner – are the real, legitimate representatives of the region’s populations.

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