Iranian Parliament approves Raisi’s Cabinet

The Iranian parliament Wednesday rubber-stamped all President Ebrahim Raisi’s nominees for his new administration, but rejected Hossein Baghgoli’s choice for education portfolio.


The parliament approved, with overwhelming majorities, other nominations, including Raisi’s choices for Foreign and Defense ministers, Hossein Amirabdollahian and Mohammad Reza Ashtiani but rejected the choice Education minister, Hossein Baghgoli.

Only 76 MPs voted for Baghgoli out of 286 MPs present in the 290-seat parliament. Raisi said the 18-minister cabinet is chosen based on the criteria he had promised the people during the presidential campaign, Tehran Times reports.

“I promised to select ministers based on the indicators such as expertise, anti-corruption and popularity,” he said.

The new Iranian leader who vowed to stamp out corruption asserted: “It will not be tolerated when it becomes clear that the person who cooperates with the government will show the slightest unhealthiness, not in the position of a minister, but in any other position.”

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