Roadside bomb targets US convoy in Iraq

A roadside bomb hit Thursday a convoy of trucks carrying logistics equipment belonging to the US-led coalition forces in southern Iraq, reports say.
A police officer told Turkish news agency Anadolu that the attack took place on the highway linking the provinces of Babil and Diwaniyah and caused material damage to one of the vehicles, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) notes.
There was no report of casualties. No one claimed responsibility either. The Thursday attack adds to numerous others on the American troops, facilities and equipment.
The US interests in Iraq have come repeatedly the target of rocket or booby-traps and explosive devices attacks since early last year following the assassination of Iran top military commander Kassem Soulemani killed in a US drone attack at Baghdad airport alongside a top militia Iraq Shia chief.
Both Iraq and the U.S agreed late last month the pullout of American troops by end of this year. The Iraqi parliament following the assassination demanded the withdrawal of international forces stationed in the country in the framework of the fight against the Islamic state group.

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