Oman, U.S hold Valley of Fire military maneuver

Military troops from Oman and the U.S are holding joint exercises codenamed “Valley of Fire 2021” aiming at maintaining preparedness and high combat ability, reports say.
The drill involves the sultanate’s paratroopers, Armored Division and Artillery, the royal Air Force and Signals and Engineering divisions. According to Oman Times, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) reports, the exercise aims “to maintain preparedness and high combat ability” and comes within the context of annual training programs carried out “in cooperation with friendly countries to exchange expertise in military fields”.
The joint drill comes amid heightened tensions in the Gulf. A group of unidentified hijackers raided early this week Panama-flagged asphalt/bitumen tanker Asphalt Princess, 60 nautical miles off Fujairah on the UAE’s east coast, in an area of the sea leading to the Strait of Hormuz. The British navy said Wednesday that the attackers have the targeted ship, without further details.

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