Kuwait announces $65bln worth projects in 2021-2022

Kuwait will execute 18 projects worth $65 billion in fiscal year 2021-2022 following government approval.

According to Alanba daily in Arabic, 5 per cent of the projects are based on partnership with the private sector. The projects include 14 major public projects with a combined value of around 18 billion dinars ($59 billion) and 4 large partnership projects worth nearly 988 million dinars ($3.2 billion).

The projects comprise mainly the airport expansion, the Silk City, island development, trans-Kuwait rail network and rail link with nearby Gulf countries, Matla City, and the Clean Fuel Project, which has nearly been completed, the media notes.

Nearly half the projects cover economic diversification while 16 percent involve infrastructure, and the rest cover health, environment, power and other sectors.

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