Saudi Arabia to create 40,000 jobs for citizens in multiple areas

Saudi Arabia Sunday announced plans to create 40,000 jobs for nationals as part of a national plan to generate more than 203,000 jobs this year.
The jobs will be in legal advice, law firms, customs clearance, real estate, the cinema sector, driving schools, and technical and engineering professions, state-run news agency SPA notes.
Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi said the ministry’s plan for this year targeted providing more than 203,000 jobs, the agency reports.
The kingdom according to al- Rajhi plans to enable nationals to obtain high-quality jobs and providing a stimulating work environment, contributing to more Saudis working in the private sector and increasing their participation in the labor market.
Last year the Human Resources and Social Development ministry has issued since last year a set of Saudization decisions aiming at supporting establishments and job seekers according to organized mechanisms and set timetables while also boosting the localization of specific professions in vital sectors such as dentistry, pharmacy, engineering.
The decision which include commercial complexes, the food and beverage industry, and education jobs in the public sector, aim to target and foster quality professions, leadership, supervisory and sustainable jobs that have a high rate of growth and development, as well as jobs that require high technical skills.

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