Wife of detained Colonel urges al-Sisi to release husband

Rasha Safwat, wife of colonel Ahmed Konsowa arrested in 2017 after announcing his plans to run for presidency, has called on President Abdelfattah al-Sisi to release her husband, reports say.
Konsowa, 45, was detained and was charged with expressing political opinions as a serving military officer, one year ahead of 2018 elections.
He, reports say, submitted his resignation from the army in 2014 but it was not accepted. On a Facebook post, Safwat indicated that her husband has already served half of his prison term.
“We expected he would have been released after spending half of his term, but nothing happened.”
“I know, if the president knew about him, he would not accept this situation,” she stressed adding that she contacted many military officials but got no help. Konsowa’s lawyers also indicated that their client has served more than half of his term in prison and met the conditions of several amnesty orders, but nothing was considered, Middle East Monitor reports.

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