Egypt & Sudan to launch “Just Meat” trade brand

Egypt and Sudan are in talks to launch “Just Meat”, a selling branded meat as both countries agree to set up two meat industry plants in Egypt.
The Egypt government in a statement said both sides agreed to set up one plant in south of the valley and the other in Cairo.
The two factories will sell “Just Meat”. Egypt’s Holding Company for Food Industries and Sudan’s Al Ategahat al Mtadeda Company are the two sides on the agreement.
Both countries have been cooperating in the field of meat for six years, the statement also said.
The new deal according to Dr. Ahmed Awad, Chairman of the Sudanese Trends Company, will contribute to increasing the supply of meat in Egyptian markets
Aside from the catering industries, both countries also agreed to cooperate in the trade of goods including sugar and oilseed crops.
Egypt, Arab Finance reports, is establishing an industrial zone in Sudan to facilitate the implementation of joint projects.

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