Covid-19: Immunization campaign launched in Morocco with King receiving first shot of vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Morocco was launched Thursday from the Royal Palace in Fez by King Mohammed VI, who received the first shot of the vaccine.

The vaccination campaign is launched after Morocco received last week two million doses of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and on Wednesday it got half a million doses from China’s Sinopharm.

In accordance with the King’s instructions, the vaccination will be free for all citizens.

The vaccination campaign, which will unfold progressively, will benefit all Moroccan citizens and foreign residents aged between 17 and over 75 years.

This will make it possible to achieve the expected levels of collective immunization and protect the population against this pandemic.

To ensure success to the large-scale operation, Moroccan authorities have mobilized nearly 3000 sites, over 25,530 health workers and 7000 mobile unites to inoculate the targeted priority people.

Morocco has ordered 66 million vaccine doses and targets the immunization of at least 25 million inhabitants against the Coronavirus, starting with health workers, security forces, the army, teachers, and people older than 75.

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