Jared Kushner lauds King Mohamed VI’s visionary leadership

US official and senior adviser to President Donald Trump Tuesday praised Moroccan monarch Mohamed VI for his visionary leadership that he said places Morocco and the entire region on a very promising trajectory, as he led a joint US and Israeli delegation to the North African country.
“I am particularly grateful to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his visionary leadership, which places Morocco and the region as a whole on a very promising path,” Kushner said at a joint press conference following the signing of a joint declaration between Morocco, Israel and the United States.
The official arrived Tuesday in Rabat from Israel – the first ever direct flight between the kingdom of Morocco and Israel – to seal the official establishment of diplomatic relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv.
US President Donald Trump Dec. 10 brokered the diplomatic accord between two nations while he also recognized the kingdom’s sovereignty over the disputed territory of Western Sahara – important global recognition for Morocco.
President Trump by recognizing the territory as Morocco’s legitimate territory, Kushner said, “rejects the status quo that benefits no one, and chooses to move towards a just, sustainable and mutually acceptable solution, a solution that makes sense and is more likely to improve people’s daily lives.”
The successive US administrations, from Bill Clinton, the White House official also noted, have supported Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Western Sahara territory.
Morocco has been embroiled in a conflict since 1975 with the Front Polisario, a separatist movement backed by Algeria. Praises to Mohamed VI also came from the head of the Israeli delegation, Meir Ben-Shabbat who is Israel’s National Security Adviser and Chief of Staff for National Security.
Shabbat lauded the monarch’s courageous leadership and enlightened vision.
The joint declaration according to Morocco’s top diplomat Nasser Bourita will serve as a roadmap for the implementation of the three countries’ commitments regarding the Moroccan Sahara, Moroccan-Israeli relations and the building of peace and stability in the Middle East.

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