Algeria debunks presence on UAE’s shortlist of countries denied entry visas

Algeria’s foreign ministry has denied reports that the North African country is among 13 countries to whom the United Arab Emirates has temporalily suspended the issuance of entry visas.

“Foreign media and social networks have relayed information claiming that Algeria was included in a document issued by an official body of the United Arab Emirates which suspends the granting of entry visas to Algerians to enter the territory of the Emirates, alongside citizens of other states,” the ministry said in a statement.

Wednesday, Reuters indicated that the UAE over security reasons has suspended temporalily granting entry visas to 13 countries including Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

The decision, the agency also noted, came into effect on Nov. 18 this month.

The Algerian foreign ministry added that the Gulf country has denied the reports saying that the document mentioning Algeria, is “fake and is the work of dubious parties.”

Nevertheless, several Algerian media lashed out at the Gulf country and published “analysis” explaining the reasons behind the inclusion of Algeria in the shortlist.

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