Boeing to provide comprehensive military support to Qatar air forces

US plane maker Boeing has sealed three contracts worth $800 million from Qatar to provide the armed forces of the Gulf country aviation training including the F-15QA pre-delivery training and maintenance support, Aerotime Hub reports.
According to the first contract awarded last year and valued at $240 million, the US firm will provide support training to Qatar Emiri Air Force with the management of the F-15QA program as well as maintenance and aircrew training over five years.
Under the second deal estimated at $68 million, Boeing would take care of the maintenance and logistics issues for the QEAF during a pre-delivery training for the F-15QA fighter jet, the online media outlet notes. Boeing, according to terms, will host Qatari army personnel for in-person instruction, simulations as well as flying operations, near its F-15 jet production facility in St. Louis, in St Louis, from 2021. The third contract was signed this month and valued at more than $500 million, the firm has said.
The manufacturer under the deal will provide the Qatar Air Forces, QEAF, with spare parts and ensure further needed logistics support after the delivery of the F15-QA aircraft to Qatar. The Gulf country is an important client of the US aviation giant. It ordered 36 of F-15QA fighter jets. The delivery is slated to start from 2021.

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